Catching up with Tarryn
Hey everyone 🙂
Well, I have FINALLY gotten over my flu and am back in business 🙂 Being mandown for a week or so was not ideal, but luckily I had been putting in a lot of water time bef
orehand, so it hasn’t affected my fitness level too much 🙂
It’s just over a week until Justin and I leave for the 2014 ISA World Paddleboard Chamionships in Nica and the butterflies are settling in nicely, but at the same time I am feeling mentally and physically prepared for the challenge ahead.  My board is going very well, I am currently riding the 7’6 brushed carbon Coreban.

This week I am just going to take it easy and make sure that I am well rested before I leave:)

Chat next week!
Check you in the water!