Pull into any of your favourite spots and you will more likely than not, see the blue streak of someone ripping it up on a Coreban Platinum. From Muizenberg to Melkbos, Cape Town to Durban The Platinum Range by Coreban, is all anyone wants to ride these days, and rightly so.



The Range has not only been a Huge Hit in SA but has been making waves at all far-flung reaches of the globe and everyone loves them!

But why?

Coreban Teamed up with Nicki Cartens who has a deep history in the brand and helped in the development with some of the original Range of boards like the Nitro, Fusion and Icon.

Being based in Cape Town and with an abundance of talent at our fingertips it was easy to get this range right from the get-go. With a test team of some of SA’s best riders including, Justin Bing, Tom and Tarryn King, Greg Bertish, Ivan Van Vuuren, Gary Van Rooyen and Grantley Reed. We were able to get instant feedback and changes were made almost instantaneously. From first glance the most noticeable feature on the Platinum Range are the Double concaves. We looked at a variety of bottom contours, and eventually settled with the double Concave. We found it channelled the water down the length of the board and over the fins, giving you more control at higher speeds. The Platinum range has a moderate amount of rocker through the nose, this makes it more forgiving in hollower and steeper waves and also allows for tighter turns in the pocket. Through the tail, we lowered the rocker line, this lets the board sit flatter on the water and this is where all the speed comes from. If you have ever stood on a platinum board you will know what I’m talking about, as soon as you set your line this board takes off, and lets be honest who doesn’t want to go fast!

The Range offers a 5 fin set up and gives you the option of riding either a Quad or Thruster. If you are more of a power surfer, the Thruster will give you more drive, allowing you to lay it on the rail. The Quad is great for smaller days and if you want to throw some tail and mix it up a bit.

Available in both Brushed Carbon and Pure Construction and ranging in sizes from 7’6” – 9’6” ,  there is a board, which will suit both your skill and your pocket!

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