Paddle to the Buoy and back – Words By Justin Bing

There is a buoy that is located 6km’s out to sea from Addington Beach. It’s there for the ships to line up with the harbour mouth when coming in. The surf-skis often do this run in a North East wind as the runs on the way back line up really nicely. There have been a few SUPers that have also made the paddle.

I have been recovering from a torn peck muscle for the last month after the Coreban Summer Series and hadn’t been paddling at all. It was a perfect day in Durban with light winds and the beach was covered with people learning to SUP and Surf. I grabbed the Coreban Phoenix and decided to go for a slow paddle. It was good to feel the glide of a race board again and kept on going. Once you pass the harbour mouth, there is a lot more wind and movement on the water than it looks like from the beach. After a few kilometres, I started aiming for the can in the shipping lane. The little wind that there was, forced me to paddle a lot on the one side and having the make an arc to reach the buoy.

Once I reached it, I realised how big the buoy actually is and how far away from the land I was. I took a quick selfie as evidence and started the long paddle back in the heat of the day. Note to self, remember to take water and protection from the sun in future, a leash and a PFD!

The water was crystal clear and on the way back saw quite a bit of ocean activity and a little hammerhead what was minding its own business, and was more scared of me than I was of it. With the wind having picked up slightly and not in the preferred North Easterly direction, I aimed for the left of the harbour mouth. This gave me a perfect line to end up in front of the Xpression on the Beach shop on the beachfront.

This is an awesome paddle to do as part of training and I would recommend going in a group. Take lots of water and sun protection. Also a leash and a PFD are recommended. Ideally you want to start your paddle on alight North Easterly wind with the wind getting slightly stronger to enable you to link up with some runs on your way back to shore. It’s about a 12km paddle there and back in a straight line from the Xpression shop on the beachfront.

Let me know if you keen and I will definitely join you on the next mission!