A WHALE OF A TIME IN ARNISTON – Stand Up Paddle Board Paradise


Arniston Bay is a hidden jewel up the East Coast of South Africa, where commercialism is stamped out as soon as it raises its head. The closest form, is housed in the majestic Arniston Hotel, where dinners and breakfasts are fairly pricey, but better than driving 40 minutes back to civilization. If you care to test the local cuisine, wonder off over the dunes to the one and only rustic diner – Willene’s, where you will experience ‘lekker South African see-kos’.

But, we didn’t really come for the food. We came for what the ocean had to offer.

Pictured above the Coreban Delta iSUP - Arniston Bay

Pictured above the Coreban Delta iSUP – Arniston Bay


Greeny-blue mill-pond water, with crisp 3-4ft waves breaking in amongst the numerous reefs. We merely had to paddle our stand up paddleboards just 50m from shore before we encountered our first whale and her tiny, newborn calf. They were hardly perturbed by our presence, and went about their chilled glide, disappearing and reappearing to blow some spray and ensure that we understood their magnificence. We weren’t sure if it was dad, but an enormous Southern Right whale came within a few meters on our return to shore to catch a few more waves. What an awesome SUP spot Arniston is – leave behind the city and enjoy a fab weekend away from it all.



Words by Gary van Rooyen