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Last Thursday (15 November) we gathered at Seaforth beach in beautiful Simonstown, for the launch of the recent collaboration between ourselves, Coreban/XOTB and the AfriOceans Adventure Centre.

We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of people that not only attended the launch, but joined us out on the water for a paddle too. There were all the familiar faces, as well as some new ones, it was awesome to see. It’s always great to help somebody onto a Stand Up Paddleboard ”SUP” for their first time and to see them enjoying a sport that means so much, to so many of us.

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Some enjoyed the more challenging paddle out to the Millers lighthouse, whilst others preferred the leisurely paddle round to Boulders, a beach famous for its giant granite boulders, crystal clear waters and the countless African Penguin colonies that inhabit the area.

Everyone returned from their paddle with a smile and a story but mostly a sense of appreciation for the beauty that surrounded them.

The conditions were pristine and the water flat, it was an awesome opportunity for people to hop on to a board that they had never tried before. The new Ohana range and Delta ISUP inflatable, proved to be the most popular amongst the first timers, whilst the California nose rider and the 10ft Karma, received plenty of interest from those looking for a more performance orientated Board.



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With the sun setting, and a noticeable change in air temperature, everyone decided to head in, off the water, change into something a little warmer and indulge in good conversation and a beverage of their choice, from the Seaforth restaurant and bar situated directly above the adventure centre.

We had the privilege of listening to Lesley and her right hand man Terry as they enlightened us, as to why, who, and what AOCA are all about.

The AfriOceans conservation alliance “AOCA” was founded by Lesley Rochat and her highly respected board of directors back in 2003. The non-profit organisation aims to align and partner with other organisations and environmentalists that subscribe to policies that promote sustainable marine conservation.

AfriOceans is well known for its unique campaign work and exciting education and awareness initiatives.


We ended the evening off by hosting SA’s first Stand up Paddleboard “SUP” auction….It was a hit! How couldn’t it be, with some race and wave boards going for under 3K it was a steal.

We are delighted to be associated with The AfriOceans Adventure centre and are eager to see what the future holds.
Thank you to all that came down and supported, we can’t wait to catch you on the water again soon!


AfriOceans Adventure Centre – Seaforth Beach

Words by Mike Oxley

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