You can choose a date but you can’t choose your weather. Sunday morning delivered a pumping 20kt NE onshore wind with bluebottles and unbelievably a 2-3 ft shore break at Durban Undersea Club (DUC), the most protected and sheltered spot on the whole of the Durban beachfront.

The organisers were in two minds whether to cancel owing to the weather however, the hardy SUP Durbs crew decided to run the event.

With safety in mind, an M shaped course was set up inside the reef which included a run around a flag on the beach.

The course was approximately 800m long with a combination of every condition you can imagine.

It was decided to run the course three times as three separate races with a ten minute breather in between each heat, the combined results, gave competitors their overall results.

This course not only tested each competitor’s skills but also their fitness levels.

In the Mens event Steve Lawson showed the men a clean pair of heels winning all three and in the Ladies, Lande Williamson had to dig deep having been beaten by Charlotte in the first race.

Results are as follows:











Generally the racing was an interesting mix of individual talent where certain competitors excelled into the wind, and others on the downwind sections.

The short running section which included running through the surf, around a flag, back out through the surf, remounting, was a game changer for some. Factors like your leash, turning your board in the wind, your paddle, boards being tossed in the shore break all contributed to a very interesting and exhilarating event.

Well done to all, this was the first of many events like this to come as it was very spectator friendly, safe for the competitors and tested everyone’s metal.


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Word’s by Brandon Read