Interviewed by Charlotte @ XOTB Durban

When did you start paddling?

I first started paddling in January of this year and was immediately hooked! I’ve always been obsessed with the sea and an absolute water baby and love that SUP allows you to be in the ocean whilst getting a great workout at the same time.

Do you have a background in ocean sports?

I used to participate in Triathlons and would do many long distance sea swims. But now I am into the more chilled, non-competitive stuff – SUP, surfing and yoga

Why did you start SUP?

I wanted to try something new and like I mentioned, being a water baby, any excuse to be in the ocean. I am also a Yoga instructor and SUP Yoga is just exploding at the moment. The combination of the two sports in phenomenal…being out at sea, connecting with your body and nature and its also super challenging! Poses that you may find easy on land are ten times harder on a moving board!

You rented a board from XOTB for a while, now you have your own, what are you riding?

I am currently riding a Coreban Icon Pure 10’0 – perfect for a chilled paddle, catching a few waves and stable enough for some SUP Yoga.

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As you’re a yoga teacher, I want to know how easy is yoga on a SUP? (You make it look really easy!)

It’s not easy at all!! The SUP board is in constant motion so trying to find stability and balance in each movement or pose takes a lot more concentration and effort. But I’ve always loved a good challenge and SUP Yoga really pushes me to my limits.

How do you find SUP helps your overall fitness?

SUP has improved my cardio vascular fitness and strengthened my core unbelievably! I can see the difference in both my running and yoga.

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What’s your favourite time of day to SUP?

As early as possible in the morning, thats when the dolphins like to play 😉 I almost never miss a sunrise as I teach sunrise beach yoga classes during the week so jumping onto my board after teaching a class is my favourite way to start my day.

What’s for breakfast after a morning SUP?

A smoothie! My favourite is banana, peanut butter, coconut milk, cinnamon, chia seeds and cacao nibs

So you’re teaching yoga at the Durban beachfront – when and where?

I teach beach Yoga all over Durban – Umhlanga, Bike and Bean and Durban Beach Front. My class schedule is up on my facebook page – ‘Beach Yoga Durban’ for those who are keen to join me for a sunrise Yoga class!



Tell me more about the ‘Surf-SUP-Yoga’ business you recently founded.

Here’s a little background info on me and my business – I run a Surf, SUP and Yoga retreat in our beautiful city of Durban. My business offers packages which include daily yoga, surfing and SUP lessons, luxury accommodation in Umhlanga and delicious breakfasts and lunches. I also offer team buildings and day packages for individuals or groups wanting to experience the bliss of a retreat for the day.

You can visit Lauren’s website – for more details or email her at to find out more.


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