The Sup Club Classic at The V&A Waterfront – Words by Tyran Cooper

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Last Friday saw the 2nd Annual SUP Club Classic. This year the event took part within the World Oceans Festival and was held at the V&A Waterfront. A spectacular venue at the foot of Table Mountain.

13 teams gathered, each consisting of 6 members; a junior (under 16), celebrity, open man, open women, legend (man over 45) and a diva (woman over 45). Some pre-race banter was exchanged between the teams and by 5:00pm the paddlers where chomping at the bit to get started.

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A 450m course was laid out, and by the time 5 o clock had rolled around the South Easter had picked up quite considerably. A couple of the amateur paddlers where looking at the upcoming race with mixed feelings, but after a few words of encouragement they were on the starting blocks ready to roll.

First up was the relay race, the countdown begun and the juniors were off the line first, along with Frikkie who clearly was not paying attention at the race briefing and had set off with the kids. Some of the standouts were, Jessica from the Naish team, who did extremely well for a first timer and powered around the course. As did the young Cameron Tripney, who had to paddle on a 14ft race board, which is no easy feat for someone his size. Following the juniors, it was the celebrities and with Frikkies mix up he had given the Starboard Team a substantial lead. Matt Bromley, after a couple splashes was off and continued to push, closely followed by Jeff, Tom and Pietro from the SUP CT, Coreban and Naish teams respectively. Team Starboard managed to hold on to the lead throughout the rest of the race, and take the win. Team Coreban and SUP Cape Town found themselves neck and neck at the last buoy, with a 100m sprint to the finish but it was Tom King from the Coreban Team who managed to edge out Grant Donald by half a board length and claim the second place.


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Following the relay it was the individual race, Dylan Frick managed a clean break at the start, and took the lead from the beginning. Closely followed by Kimon Dos Santos and Tom King, who had got caught up in the chaos and had to work hard to break the pack.  Tarryn took the win in the woman’s division with ease. However she found herself in a race with the guys, who were not making it easy for her. In the end she found herself neck and neck with fellow teammate Mike Oxely, who manage to edge her out on the finish line, where she finished 9th overall.

It was a great evening of racing and all the competitors were smiling from ear to ear. After a quick prize giving and a long wait for beer, the weekend was off with a bang. As the sun set, the lit boat parade began and Beatenberg performed on one of the boats, the perfect end to a perfect evening!


Final Positions:


1: Team Starboard

2: Team Coreban

3: Naish

4: SUP Cape TOWN #1

5: XOTB #1

6: XOTB #2

7: The Wahines

8: SUP Cape Town  # 2

9: SUP Cape Town #3

10: Surf Emporium #1

11: Surf Emporium #2

12: Kens Kooks





1: Dylan Frick

2: Kimon Dos Santos

3: Tom King

4: Pietro Muskas

5: Nico Pfitzenmaier



1: Tarryn King

2: Monica Wolgamouth

3: Kim Du Venage



1: Henco

2: Brad

3: Cameron Tripney


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