This was a women’s only event and a morning of fitness and fun for all levels of experience; 4km, SUP 1km and/or do an hour of yoga. The hub of the event was at Addington Beach outside Xpression on the Beach.

It was a beautiful sunny warm day in Durban, and definitely a perfect opportunity to work up a sweat. It was exciting to see so many women coming together to embrace fitness and meet new friends. There were a few grumbles that the event should have started earlier than 8.30am, the sun was already hot hot hot! Durban has a very early morning start for those who indulge in daily workouts – 6.30am can feel ‘late’ some days.

As the north easterly wind picked up, the SUP event was held at the Durban Undersea Club (DUC) so that the reef could provide some protection from the swell. The ocean was still like a washing machine, but a smaller one! Challenging for beginners, yet the 70 beginners there, were all ready to give it a go. Going in groups, they paddled out to a buoy and back to a flag at the shore in a U shaped course. It was incredible to see so many enthusiastic Durban girls wanting to give SUP a go. The SUP Durbs Committee members – Brandon Read and Deon Bosman were there to supervise safety and ensure the event went smoothly. It did!

An ‘elite event’ was held for more experienced paddlers who wanted to race. Around 10 women participated in the race which was a technical race in the form of an M shaped course – from the beach out to a buoy, back to the beach, around a flag and back out to a buoy and back to the beach again.

Top KZN SUP racer Jackie De Billot came 1st followed by Charlotte Atherton 2nd and Trish Sandman 3rd.

It was a truly festive and fun morning that everyone enjoyed. These events should definitely happen more often to promote outdoor fitness in Durban – we have such a magnificent beachfront to enjoy.

Check out the Roxy website for more info about the upcoming Cape Town event.