Perhaps rather long to be called a time trial, this course of 6.2km is not for the faint hearted!

SUP Durbs! was invited at the end of 2015 by Neil Evans, to join his Surfski squad at their Tuesday night dice. This time trial takes place in the Durban harbour in a picturesque setting amongst the yachts.

It’s an event for all levels of experience – social paddlers complete one lap of 3.1km and those ready to race do two laps. Yes, it is a time trial but with so many competitive spirits around it does become more like a race! It’s definitely great training for the SUPSA Races coming up this season.



It’s an interesting course, affected greatly by weather, especially the pumping NE wind that is prevalent at this time of year. Grind into the wind towards the buoy and cruise downwind towards the next buoy. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Some weeks the wind is so strong it’s a case of making sure you don’t go backwards. Other factors such as the tide, have a huge impact on speed in the harbour – e.g. low tides causing more resistance. Any floating packets also make for an interesting evening, they tend to hook on the fin and stop paddlers dead in their tracks – and frequently they land in the water. That or they slow down dramatically. One has to watch for packets, and ski boats, returning from a day out at sea, the wake of a boat can have an interesting effect.

After a demanding paddle, there’s nothing better than a cool down in the swimming pool and a drink at the Point Yacht Club terrace.

Coming soon in 2016 is a 200m sprint course, we’ll keep you posted!