SUP Yoga started in the Point Waterfront Canal in Durban a month ago. The SUP loving and fabulous yoga teacher, Lauren Crichton takes the class. Bookings are essential and the session includes a free SUP rental with a one hour yoga class. Xpression on the Beach has an awesome fleet of boards, such as the pretty blue Coreban inflatable SUP, the Coreban Delta 10’8 (XOTB is an exclusive Coreban dealer) to practice on – and secures them so you don’t drift off down the canal as you practice!





I asked Lauren a few questions about SUP Yoga.

How is SUP Yoga different to yoga on land – is it more challenging?

The combination of yoga and being on a stand up paddle board is phenomenal…being in the water, connecting with nature, your body and mind. There’s nothing better for me. And it’s also super challenging! Poses that you may find easy on land, are so much harder on a moving board. The SUP board is in constant motion so trying to find stability and balance in each movement or pose takes a lot more concentration and effort.

What do you personally enjoy about teaching SUP Yoga?

That you have no choice but to be 100% present and mindful for that hour on the SUP, otherwise you will end up in the water. After a SUP class you feel completely rejuvenated because you have completely cleared and calmed your mind. It’s a great way to take your yoga practise to the next level.

Have you mastered all the yoga asanas on a SUP?

Most of them except a handstand which I think is the hardest. I’m still working on mastering it on land first before I try it on the SUP!

Did you fall in a lot when you started SUP Yoga?

Not too much as I have a really strong foundation in Yoga but as soon as you lose your concentration and awareness of the body you lose your balance instantly so yes, it definitely has happened a few times.

And here’s why you should give it a go as these girls did…

Penny Slein

I’d seen SUP Yoga in other countries and was intrigued, so when Charlotte told me it was now available in Durban I jumped at the chance. I expected to fall off the board at some point but surprisingly managed to balance. The board is much more stable in the water than one would think. I enjoyed being the different poses and looking across at the rippling water, instead of looking at floor tiles. It definitely has a healing effect and makes you feel more connected to the earth. At the end of class when we were lay in savasana, Lauren told us to gently turn our hands over and dip our fingers in the water. This too felt very healing. It was absolutely divine. I now wonder how I could ever do yoga on land again! Doing SUP yoga in the fresh air, sunshine and being surrounded by water will a hard one to beat!

Samantha Theron

I expected SUP yoga to be either too difficult or not worth the mission, I mean why bother on a board when you can practice ‘more productively’ on land? Well why do we bother doing anything that puts us outside our zombie like comfort zones? I guess to make us feel more alive and present, and this is exactly what SUP yoga does.

You get a hard core workout whilst the senses are invigorated by being surrounded by water, sunshine on the skin, the odd fish splashing, swallows gliding overhead, and every now and again water caressing your fingertips. SUP yoga for me is like a mini break from the real world and I just get a smile on my face when I think about it. I believe life is not about an accumulation of possessions but the richness of our experiences along the way, and this yoga form is definitely worth the experience!







To book contact Lauren 082 777 9062. R250 per class. Boards provided by Xpression On The Beach.

Photos by Elana Schilz Photography

Words by Charlotte