This is a full carbon paddle that weigh’s 460g. The blade is offset by 8 degrees, it’s 7.7” across the face and it has an 80” square area.

What does this mean?

It means it’s light and strong with minimum flex in the shaft, which results in a highly responsive paddle. All the energy you put in, will be transferred in forward momentum. The 8 degree offset of the blade allows for faster, quicker strokes, which comes into play when accelerating and catching waves and also allows you to paddle in a more relaxed position for recreational use.

Who is it for?

This is the perfect all round paddle for everybody and anybody wanting to SUP.

The blade is pear-shaped, which is a tried and tested design that gives you instant bite as the blade enters the water and a very smooth pull through the water, without over straining your shoulders.

For surfing it’s perfect owing to its rigid shaft and instant acceleration as you start to pull.

For racing it works very well especially if you like to paddle with a reasonably high cadence.

At R2900 this has to be the best buy anywhere!

And, as 4 year old Nathan demonstrates, it’s perfect for family fun.



Muizenberg: Tyran Cooper on a Coreban California 9’0ft Stand Up Paddle Board and a Coreban Defender Paddle



Durban: Family fun for 4 year old Nathan with a Coreban Defender paddle