The first SUP Durb’s Surf Competition was held in front of Afro’s chicken shack in Durban on Sunday 3rd April in perfect conditions. It was overcast therefore cool, light offshore breeze and 2ft surf. It was one of those days where the surf was small enough for everyone to have a go and big enough for the main contenders to show off their talents.

There were five divisions, and the winners were as follows:

1st Junior Boy: Hunter van Thricht

1st Junior Girl: Karisa Grace

Social Women: 1st Renee Vermeulen, 2nd Alison Taczalo, 3rd Brie Stewart

Social Men: 1st Alan Marnitz, 2nd James Siedle, 3rd Shannon Clark

Open Men: 1st Brandon Ribbink, 2nd Steve Hean, 3rd Jon Ivins

This was a really enjoyable experience for everybody involved. It was the first of three surf competitions and we look forward to the next two.

Next up for SUP Durbs is the first of the Marine Winter Racing Series which starts Sunday 17th April, followed on Sunday 24th with the SUPSA sanctioned 10km King of the Bay race.

SUPSA calendar for more info


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