This was the fifth year that SUP’s have participated in this longstanding Surfski calendar event.

This year we had a fantastic turnout with 34 SUP’s participating in this SUPSA sanctioned, 10km race from Stella Yacht Club at the end of the Durban harbour, all the way through the harbour and out of the mouth to finish in front of our Durban XOTB store.

At 7am when people started to congregate, there was a flat calm ocean. By 9.15am when the race started, the NE wind was up, creating a race through the harbour, grinding into the wind. On exiting the harbour mouth we were greeted with washing machine type ocean conditions for the final kilometre. Challenging! Even for the most skilled amongst us.



Men’s Open: 1st Dylan Frick, 2nd Christopher Couve, 3rd Daryl Bartho

Women’s Open: 1st Jackie Fourie De Billot, 2nd Tarryn King, 3rd Lande Williamson

Legends +45: 1st Grantley Read, 2nd Brandon Read, 3rd Jon Ivins II

Divas +45: 1st Angela Whittle

Juniors: 1st Kyle Chrystal

Juniorettes: 1st Karisa Grace


For a full race report go to




Getting Race Ready with a pre-race briefing, boards ready to go



Dylan Frick leading the pack







Tarryn King rounds the final buoy




Thomas King representing Coreban sprints up the beach


Thulani with a solid performance crossing the finish line