Sometimes an hour of SUP just isn’t enough. We joined forces with Lauren Crichton, our fabulous SUP Yoga teacher, and created “SUP & YOGA SATURDAYS”.

Lauren’s yoga students have got involved too and because of it a lot of people have got to experience SUP for the first time. It’s two hours of fun for twenty people; one hour of SUP at the uShaka Canal, and one hour of beach yoga.

Sometimes the Gods of Wind aren’t in our favour – but we venture forth!

At our last event the wind was blowing 15-20 knots and whilst the canal is much less exposed than the ocean, the wind shunts down certain sections of it and makes it unplayable. But not for these girls. They definitely didn’t want to cancel the event. They paddled standing downwind (lots of fun), and on their knees into a wall of wind (an awesome workout). Having to get into ‘fight’ mode after an hour of zen yoga could be quite challenging but they all loved ‘the experience’.

Contact Lauren Crichton on 082 777 9062 or #surfsup_yoga