We all love SUP, so you could ask, why wouldn’t you want to be part of the Durban Wahine SUP Squad (wahine meaning ‘women’ in Hawaiian)? But getting the message out there is another story. And we have a huge thank you to say, to this special Wahine for giving us the massive exposure she has. Here’s how and why…


You grew up in Durban and never embraced the ocean, then you lived in the UK for years. Now you’re back. And you decided it was time to venture into the ocean. How scared were you for your first lesson?

 I grew up in Durban and most weekends we would come to Addington beach as a family and I would jump on my Dad’s back and he would swim out to backline with me. There we would sit chilling for a bit then swim in. When I was 18 I moved to the UK and lived inland for 16 years. We moved back to Durban last year and I craved the ocean. I had seen SUP online and hoped that I could try it here in Durbs. When I found you I was so excited!

I was pretty scared of falling my first lesson. Not really scared of sharks or anything but scared of not being able to get past the waves.


In a matter of a few short months you decided SUP was for you and you bought a board and now you cruise down to Durban Undersea Club and launch and have had many solo ventures in the ocean. What is it about SUP that you love?

SUP gives me a feeling of freedom and oneness with the ocean. Being out there in silence, just you and the water and the sea breeze, and looking back to land, it all seems so peaceful. It’s my happy place. I love the fact that once you have a board you can go and discover rivers, lakes and anywhere that has calm conditions. It’s a nice sport to be able to do with the family too.


Because you enjoyed it so much, you decided your sister and your friends must experience it too, and that was really the beginning of our ‘Wahine Wednesday Girls Only SUP Squad’. Thank you for sharing the love!

Lol, since starting, I’ve offered SUP to literally everyone I know. I think everyone should try it. My Dad is 76 and he managed and so did my 4 year old! My next goal is to get our little staffy pup on the board.


You then decided your husband had to do it too. And then one weekend at the canal your son Christian, 10 years old, got on a board. And suddenly the whole family was on a SUP with 4 year old Nathan on yours. You’ve done a couple of family SUP weekends away up and down the coast. How’s that for a family experience?

We’ve been on amazing holidays to Zinkwazi, Mtentu and Bazley Beach and we are going to Lake Naverone in a few weeks and hope to do SUP in the freezing cold! Hopefully it will be snowing in the berg – now that will be an experience!


Anything else you want to share with us?

All of this is because of you. You gave me the confidence to go out and tackle SUP properly, with proper instruction. You gave me the confidence to just go for it and for that I will be forever thankful. You opened me up to this wonderful sport and I am so glad I have been able to pass on the love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Penny, what can I say? It’s a privilege and a pleasure to inspire confidence in other people and expand their horizon. I know what a roadblock fear can be. And how just with someone alongside to believe in you, everything changes. I love what I do, and meeting an amazing family like yours is truly special. We will have puppy Ruby aboard very soon!


Interviewed by Charlotte at XOTB Durban

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