The 14′ Mistral Equinox



Equinox stems from Latin origin and is made up of aequus (equal) and nox (genitive noctis –night), and is used to describe a day divided into equal portions of light and dark. This is a fitting name for the Mistral Equinox which performs as equally well downwind, as it does upwind and on flat-water.

A parallel outline and recessed deck give this board an amazing sense of stability. The fuller nose allows for a quicker release in downwind & surf orientated conditions and creates less resistance in upwind and flat water, making the Mistral Equinox an absolute beast of an all-rounder.

That is not even the best part! It is constructed from military grade carbon (you will not find a lighter board), the 2 leash plugs front and back allow you to lock on as you prefer, and there are two grab handles for ease of carrying and transporting.

Day 1

Distance: 6 km

Location: Ocean False Bay

Conditions: 15 knot cross wind conditions with head and downwind options

Rating: 5/5  – Extremely happy with the board’s performance, the conditions were tricky and very wobbly. The board handled extremely well and I felt both comfortable and confident even though it was my first time on the board. Upwind the nose broke the wind swell with ease and prevented the “slapping” I was expecting with the noticeable lift in the nose. Although the recessed deck takes a bit of water, the two drainage holes allowed this water to drain with ease.

Day 2

Distance: 7.5km

Location: Flat-water Zandvlei

Conditions: Great conditions, absolutely flat water.

Rating:  4/5  – Very, very good – Even though this board is not a true Flat-water board, it could have fooled me, the glide was amazing and after the first stroke I could feel the unstoppable glide – with a bit of momentum I felt I could go faster and faster. Although there is a fair bit of nose rocker put in to make ocean riding easier, once up to speed the Equinox this is not noticeable at all.

Day 3

Distance 11km

Location Ocean False Bay

Conditions: 20 knot downwind

Rating 4/5  – It is hard not to have a good time on a Downwind if you the board goes and the conditions are right, you are always in for a treat. Luckily the conditions were above average and the Equinox flew, so there were no complaints. The nose prevented a couple of nosedives, the softer rails were extremely forgiving and the weight allowed me to jump from bump to bump. The only way this could have received 5 stars was if the wind was 30 knots.

If you are keen for a test drive, come on by Xpression on the Beach, have a chat and give our demo a paddle for yourself.

PS – next up the racy Vortex!

See you on the water.