Gary van Rooyen – Surfers Corner, Muizenberg. Photo: Brenton Geach


The future is here and the future is FOILING! We have all imagined what the future will look like, from hover boards and flying cars, to cities in the clouds – but it was the humble surfboard which first took to the sky and since then we have not looked back (or down).

Foiling or hydrofoiling is not easy but we have teamed up with FoilSmart and Mistral to make the learning curve as easy as possible.

We have 3 foil options, 2 wave options (<80kg and 80-100kg) a third option for downwinding. All our foils are constructed from a 100% carbon composite and are some of the lightest on the market, weighing at just under 5kg.

The foil can be mounted to any surf or SUP board with a KF-Tuttle box to get you going. We also have a complete setup with our Manu range, which comes in 3 SUP & Surf sizes. These designs include parallel outlines and wider tails, which give the Manu range great stability and allows us to keep the board shorter for easier manoeuvrability. We have opted for a pulled in nose to prevent catching. We have incorporated a heavy ‘V’ through the nose of the board. This blends into a light single concave through the standing area and a heavy concave in the tail from behind the mast. Lift is maximised through these bottom contours, which also help to channel the water when paddling and create a cushioned effect when touching down. One of the more noticeable features on the Manu range are the bevelled edge speed rails which run the length of the board. These rails release water like a hot knife through butter and prevent the hold and “sticking” feel of a traditional rail.

Here at Xpression On The Beach we pride ourselves at being ahead of the pack in both performance and innovation. The only thing we love more than spending time on the water is showing you how. So next time you find yourself heading out into the water, why not swing past the shop and grab a foil lesson with one of the “foil guys” who will take you under their “wing” and make you part of the “flock”.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Soar Like A Condor

Tyran Cooper

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