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We all know there are quite a few different disciplines of Stand up paddleboarding.
Today we are going back to basics to focus on SUP surfing 🏄‍♀️


  • Always check your equipment before heading out into the surf. Make sure your leash is secure, make sure your paddle doesn’t have any cracks and make sure your fins are in properly.
  • Paddle through the waves on your knees if you are not yet confident enough to stand up.
    When you get to the backline, wait for your ideal wave and start to paddle, make sure the nose of your board is facing straight towards the beach when paddling into the wave. (not parallel to the wave)
  • You must avoid changing hands with your paddle at the last moment, because you lose all of the forward momentum. If necessary, align yourself at about a 60 degree angle, so that you have pulled yourself straight by the time the wave gets to you.
  • Once the wave hits you from behind be sure to lean forward (a little trick to help you lean forward is to ensure that you keep on paddling) Remember you are accelerating from 5km/hr to 14km/hr, so brace yourself.
  • When you catch the wave you can either slide your back foot to the back of the board in order to get into surf stance or you can jump into surf stance.
  • Bend your knees, keep paddling and keep looking up!
  • Remember, the magic is standing with your back foot above the fins.

Happy wave riding everyone!

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