“You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails”. Welcome to the home of the South Easters and the Downwinder.

Cape Town Downwinder

Prepping for the downwinder

As the rest of the world hunkers down into more versions of isolation mode, the Wahines are finding their wings in our infamous SOUTH EASTER that graces us each summer with its presence. Whilst others still mourn their freedom of movement, we have been extremely lucky in Muizenberg to have the freedom to be able to keep our hair salty and our toes sandy on our beaches and in our oceans.

For the purpose of this post, let’s forget which side of the fence you sit on. Today we’re here to ride the positivity wave and bring you some innovative ideas to keep your passion for surfing/SUPing/Winging/Foiling alive.

When the Wahine’s are not too busy surfing cooking waves at the berg, Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Vlei, or racing on the canals, you can spot them with a good pair of binocs catching runs from Millers to Glencairn or Fish Hoek.

When you put in the hours, you reap the rewards. When the South Easter is pumping, you can still enjoy the ocean in various ways.

Lets look at our Downwind from Boulders beach to Glencairn that took place on Tuesday 10.11.2020. What a way to start the day.

The Wahine’s

The Downwinder Wahine’s

“We headed out from Boulders beach to Glencairn beach for a very exhilarating downwind. This time, the ladies took up more than 90 % capacity in the ‘Millers Taxi’, with our always willing and happy to help driver ‘Vinnie’ that lifts us to our downwinders at a good price of R80pp. A group of 10+ people, all teaming up to help each other get our boards down to the beach. The wind was fairly strong and a bit gusty 15-18 knots. The ladies were pumped and ready for the wind at their back’s. The rewards are big, when you learn how to master the art of catching the runs out there. As you head past Arc Rock and you get to see your destination in the distance, those arms work even harder.

Doing a downwinder keeps you focused and I often find myself being able to think about nothing else but my paddle strokes. A new form of meditation for me. The possible siting’s along the way, make it that much more exhilarating. From kelp to penguins, to sharks, to whales, there’s been the brave-hearts that have seen it all! Being willing to take the risk for this sport, makes us both physically and mentally stronger. If this is something we can all be proud to be a part of, then bring on the summer and South Easters. Here’s to us ladies, and the future of downwinders”.
Chelsea van Rooyen