The toughest and most rewarding training in Stand Up Paddling is the In’s & Out’s session.

Stand Up Paddling - Ins and Outs

Stand Up Paddling – Ins and Outs

For those not familiar with the term. Stand Up Paddlers line up on the beach and race through the surf until they reach a mark approximately 50m past the backline. On the way, encountering a multitude of waves ranging from ,5m to 2m in size. Every time a white water hits the paddler, it stalls them and they lose momentum, having to pull hard to get back up to speed. A session normally is made up of 6-10 of these in’s and out’s and must surely be one of the best fitness workouts in paddling.

Gary Van Rooyen SUP

Gary Van Rooyen

The SA squad, in preparation for the ICF World Championships in Hungary this September will do three of these a week.

Tarryn King

Tarryn King