length 10’5” / 317 cm
width 33” / 84 cm
thickness 6”/ 15 cm
volume 302 L
weight 16.3 lbs / 7.4 Kg
fin US box fin system
single fin 20 cm / 7.8”

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In addition many brands will tell you, inflate to 24psi or more. Why?

The fact is, manually inflating your board to this point, will leave you exhausted and the extra poundage will make little difference in overal longitudinal ridigity.

A mere 15psi is enough for all of our inflatables.

From the moment you cast your eyes on our Equipe inflatables, you will quickly appreciate the uniqueness of these boards, from the sea of other inflatables on the market; sleek, clean and purposeful. But the difference really begins when you pick one up – the lack of weight will come as a shock.

  • On the water, the difference becomes even more apparent.
  • Light and nimble, the 10’5″ skips over water as light as air and turns within its own length.
  • All in all, you need less muscle power to move these uniquely constructed boards over water.
  • If airline travel with your board is on your list, there is no lighter or better board on the market.
  • A universal fin box; wherever in the world you travel, replacement fins are easier to find.
  • A convenient cargo net, permits carrying of dry bags, water bottles, footwear and other items.
  • Underfoot, this board is super light, literally skipping over the surface unlike any other inflatable.


Something this good, requires time to create and is not by any measure, mainstream.

Pre-orders for these boards, have shown them to be, one of our most popular sellers, with no concern over the extra cost for less weight and added performance, especially for the international traveller, who needs the lightest luggage possible.

If mobility and travel is your thing, an investment in an Equipe will stand you out from the crowd and permit you to take more additional luggage all in the one neat back-pack.


Don’t be fooled by claims made by others. This board truly is the lightest 10’5 model on the market. In addition pound for pound it is the most rigid, requiring a mere 15psi – in fact we recommend, indeed insist you don’t go above this figure, as there are no benefits gained, only strain on you and the components.


From the moment you take your first few strokes on the Equipe 10’5″, you will be astonished at just how light and stiff it feels underfoot. There really is no other inflatable which matches the feel as it skips over the water. When it comes to changing direction, it offers unmatched responsiveness. This is no slug like many heavier and more flexible boards you may try. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


Of course one of the benefits of a lack of weight, is the simple pleasure of being able to carry, launch and recover your board with ease. Setting off is a pleasure and rather than feeling your arms are tired before you even start paddling, you feel fresh and ready to go and when you return, it’s a delight to lift such a light weight board from the water, using the convenient, sturdy centre handle, which includes a unique elasticated paddle holder.

Length 10’5″
Width 33″
Volume 302 Litres